Memory Game with jquery and php

In this jquery example Im going to show you how to create a memory game using jquery php and sqlite.

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Google maps API 3 example, Search an address

In this very simple tutorial Im going to shows you how to use the Google maps API 3 to search an address and show the location on the map.
Im going to use just some lines of jQuery to bind click event on the button.

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jQuery Paginator with Preview feature

This particular paginator is like any other , but it has a particular feature, it has a preview.
This special preview feature allows you to know what are going to be the content on next pages.

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a-jQuery-image-slider- 02

jQuery slider plugin

This jquery plugin allows you to add a very simple slider to your website.

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jQuery gallery with Accordion effect

This jQuery example shows you how to create an "accordion effect" gallery

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jQuery Image Gallery with CSS3

This jQuery Example shows you how to create a gallery with an split effect.

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Create an ad Rotator Carousel with jQuery

Using a previous carousel plugin , I made some modifications in order to support ads instead of content

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HTML tables, Apply CSS3 Styles to any table , compatible with tableGear Plugin

Css3 code to change your html tables styles, Choose your favorite skin just apply it.

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AppleStyle Slider Menu with jQuery

This jQuery example shows you how to create a menu like apple has on their site.

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Google analytics Carousel with jQuery

This jQuery example shows you how to create the google analytics carousel.