Google analytics for mobile using jQuery mobile and php

This script allows you to create a google analytics site for mobile.
Using  jQuery , jQuery mobile, PHP  and the  "Stig Manning" API for google analytics,  you will be able to see your stats on your iphone, ipod or any mobile device.

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lksmenu – jQuery Accordion Menu

In this tutorial i will show you how to create an accordion jquery menu. im going to create an extension just to make it simple to implement in every website.

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jQuery Dropdown menu with google style (v2.1)

In this example, i will show you how to create a jquery dropdown menu with google style, it also can be use as a "fixed" menu.

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jQuery menu. Create a jquery menu with chrome style.

Some time ago using the chrome browser I notice it has a very nice effect on their main menu , i was wondering if i could made the same effect with jquery, so i tried and some minutes later i got it , here you have the code enjoy it.

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Jsonp twitter example, how to access the twitter api and get tweets without pass through the server

In this Tutorial you can learn how to make a simple jsonp call and how to format the response, In this case we are going to access the twitter api and get some tweets.

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Jsonp flickr example, Getting pictures from flickr making a request from the client side

In this tutorial you can see how to make a flickr call using jsonp. The idea is to use the flickr api without need the server help.

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Rating stars jquery

jQuery Jsonp example, Rating stars

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a jsonp rating stars , the idea is just to get the rating values from the server using a jsonp call, after that the stars will appear below the items  according to the values received from the server.

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